During November 2016, 2 Sundays were dedicated to the art of Video Production, with Adom Saboonchian. We learned the basics on the first day – things like types of shots and which ones are best to use during oral interviews. Close-ups and Medium shots were recommended – which otherwise are called ‘American Shots’. The term was coined by French film critics because of its frequent use in westerns: it was the shot where you could keep both the actor’s face and their gun in the frame. We also talked about lighting and sound recording, and did some trial shots. It was interesting to see the volunteers’ reaction when put under a spotlight (literally!) – some would be less comfortable, but some were completely at ease at being the object of filming.


The second day started with more practical work and we had a full mock interview with the project coordinator Tatevik, who told the stories of her 2 great-grandfathers, both of them WW1 soldiers. After completing the practical part, Adom moved on to show us the importance and the basics of editing using a Wondershare Filmora’s free edition.

Now, armed with photo and video production knowledge, we are hoping to implement our skills in interviewing some of the project contributors and preserving their memories.