We hold an extremely valuable and large collection of books in Armenian and English, also in Arabic, Russian, French, and other languages.

 We hold an extremely valuable and large collection of books in Western and Eastern Armenian and English, also in Arabic, Russian, French, and other languages, built over the years through donations and purchases.

The core of the library is an extensive section on Armenian literature, spanning from ancient legends, medieval literature to the classics and modern writers from Diaspora and Armenia. We also have a rich reference section, which includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses, atlases, etc.  The library holds a particularly valuable collection of religious books, including some rare Bible editions from the 19th century.

We are particularly proud of our art, music and crafts books collection, which includes a large number of publications on Armenian art, painting and architecture; albums of prominent artists, and exhibition catalogues.

You can also find a large section on Armenian history, especially on the Armenian Genocide, as well as the history of medieval Armenia, Soviet Armenia, Diaspora, the Karabakh conflict and neighbouring countries.

We have books for children, both in Western and Eastern Armenian, presenting Armenian and translated children’s literature.

You can view the list of sections in Armenian here, and the list of all the periodicals here

Archives are records created by an individual or organisation as part of their existence, which if selected for permanent preservation, became archives. Our archives include the Newsletters of various Armenian organisations, articles, newspaper cuttings, audio-visual resources or original letters from individuals or organisations, which have historical value. They are principally donated by Armenian organisations or individuals.
We have a wide selection of maps from various dates and regions
Newspapers, Magazines and Newsletters
Some newspapers are collected dating back to the 1800s. Our valuable collection includes a comprehensive collection of magazines originating from Armenian organisations in the European Union, including Nor Ghiank, Nouvelles Armenie, Armenia and France Armenie. Some of them are bound order to preserve them.
Along with a sizeable collection of art books, catalogues and albums,  we also hold a collection of artworks in the form of oil on canvas, watercolour, prints, photographs, etc., which are available to view.
Audio materials
These include DVDs, CDs, videos, cassettes and vinyl discs of a Armenian performers, and Armenian music and spoken word from all over the world.
The library has collection of calendars since 1979. The calendars contain a wide selection of imagery and art relating to Armenia.
We have various artefacts relating to Armenian history and culture which have been donated by the public, such as letters, objects, photographs, etc.
Digital archives
We hold a number of personal and periodicals archives (such as Ararat: Searchlight on Armenia), which have been digitised.