The Heritage Lottery Fund generously sponsored CAIA’s UK Armenians & WW1 project which commenced in April 2016 through to March 2018.  The funding enabled CAIA to create an short documentary film, audio-visual archive as well as collate personal information from the Armenian community in the UK during the First World War.

Our short documentary film entitled “Testimonies of War” will preserve a number of personal stories relating to Armenians during the period and the hours of video and audio interviews which have been conducted will be preserved and held by us within our community library with access for all.  The information on our website will also be shared with the British Library.  We are incredibly grateful to the many Volunteers who supported this project and carried out countless hours of research.  We have been inundated with interest from the community and support for the project, for which we are very grateful.  We also uncovered some fascinating stories about the roles of Armenians in roles such as Intelligence, Medicine, and WW1 Survivors. We were also able to host a number of events and exhibitions that allowed us to share our research with the community directly.

The CAIA seek to continue to preserve the history of Armenians and although we have limited resources we welcome your input so if you would like to add a family story or have feedback and questions, please get in touch with us. While the project is formally over, we still would like to hear from the community and preserve our history and stories for future generations.