‘The Entry of Shakespeare on Armenian Stage and Page’ by H.J. Seymour

On 17 March 2019 at CAIA Hayashen, Hasmik Seymour presented her paper entitled The Entry of Shakespeare on the Armenian Stage and Page, to be published in a significant international anthology later this year.

The speaker specified that Armenians started translating Shakespeare almost two centuries ago, however, little is known about Shakespeare’s early translations into Armenian. Her talk was accompanied by archival images of Shakespearean texts in Grapar, Western and Eastern Armenian.

Quotations from Shakespeare were recited by Armenian undergraduate students Vanouhi (King’s College London) and Shushanik (University of Cambridge) in English and Armenian, thus engaging the new generation in Armenian cultural studies.

READ THE DETAILED ARTICLE HERE:  The Entry of Shakespeare on Armenian Page and Stage – Hasmik Seymour