Restructuring CAIA’s Working Patterns Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

First and foremost, we hope you are well and staying safe indoors.

Following the Coronavirus Pandemic and Government announcements, we too are doing our best to minimise unnecessary contact with others.

See the statement we issued on our website on the following link.

In addition, we have changed the way we work for the time being and are trying our best to support the Armenian community during these extraordinary times but please see below:


1: CAIA’s Advice Services (Housing, Benefits & immigration)

This service will now operate 5 days a week Monday to Friday, however for the time being all face-to-face Advice Work at Hayashen is suspended until further notice. We are still providing Advice and Arthur Manouk Cahill can be contacted by telephone (020 8992
4621), email ( and online ( during office hours 9am-4pm.

Messages can be taken after 4pm and we will respond ASAP.

Please let us know what other digital forms of communication are available for you, such as Google hangout, Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger, etc.


2: Emotional Well Being

This service will continue to be managed by Scarlet Sarksan and she can be reached on

The Group Scarlet manages has a Whatsapp group where mutual befriending support is provided to reduce social isolation at this time. Please contact Scarlet to join the Group.


3: Elders Lunch Club/Welfare

We are making deliveries of food to those who need/attend the Club and live locally in Ealing or nearby Boroughs.

If you know of any older/vulnerable person living in isolation during this difficult time who may need practical or emotional support, please let us know. We may be able to arrange this support directly or in conjunction with our partners and contacts.


4: Hayashen Parent & Toddlers Group

This continues to be managed by Armine Sargsyan and she can be reached on

Armine will be contacting parents to interact with the children by Whatsapp.


5: Hayashen Youth Club

The Youth Club can be reached on

Before the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Youth Club was due to restart in May 2020, but as stated in the Coronavirus Notice on our  website, this Club is also suspended until further notice.


6: All other matters/issues/questions

Please contact Misak Ohanian on

You can also follow us across the Social Media

I hope you will continue to support CAIA during this difficult time so that we can help you
and others in need.

Misak Ohanian (CEO) & CAIA Board of Directors. – 31/3/2020