Our Volunteers: Zora

Zora Karanfilian is one of our most dedicated volunteers. He comes in twice a week, always with a smile and always ready to help. He’s exceptionally organised and neat person and a very quick learner. We love having him around and he’s a huge asset to the organisation and the community.

My name is Zora. I’m from London and I’ve been working as a volunteer at Hayashen for about four years now. I do a variety of tasks including: Scanning, filing and shredding, stamping envelopes and folding newsletters, sorting out books, magazines and newspapers and putting them in the right place, sometimes even helping with general cleaning.

In my spare time, I like to listen to music, mainly pop music. I also like to watch TV, help my dad with gardening and cleaning around the house.

I chose to volunteer at Hayashen because when I was a child, I would come to attend the playgroup sessions, so I know the organisation very well. Volunteering at Hayashen has also helped me to gain some experience of working in an office environment and at a library, as well as learn about Armenian culture.

I enjoy volunteering at Hayashen because I get to meet new people and the staff are very friendly. Tatevik who works in the library is always very helpful. The task I enjoy doing the most is sorting out books because it gives me the chance to show my organising skills and I get to see lots of different books. I would recommend Hayashen for anyone looking to do some volunteering – it’s a great place with lots of different jobs you can do and learn.