Kevork Chavooshian

Kevork Chavooshian was born around 1877 in Armenia. Kevork married an English woman called Harriet Amelia “Milly” “Titsey” Porter in 1903. They had 3 children – John Tigram Thomas Chavooshian, Eileen Alice Chavooshian and Amy Perouz Chavooshian.

In 1912 he moved to Hove, England and there is some knowledge of his profession, which is recorded as Pharmaceutical Chemist in the London Gazette of 3rd December 1918 as part of the announcement of the family’s naturalisation.

From 1914-1920 he served in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps as an Interpreter: Reserve of Officers, Second Lieutenant; Army of the Black Sea, Lieutenant; and  Royal Fusiliers, Sergeant.

He died in March, 1961 in Sussex.