Investing in the Armenian Community

We are delighted to inform you that we have successfully completed refurbishing the roof of Hayashen. Here are photos of the old roof and the excellent new roof covering. 

By doing so we have not just ensured that the roof is well safeguarded for the next 25+ years but that we have invested in the future viability of our thriving community centre and thus the identity of the Armenian community in London. Because Hayashen is where high quality social and cultural activities take place for their benefit irrespective of background, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, language , political affiliation or religion they identify with. We welcome diversity and we would like to welcome you to the Centre whenever you are ready to do so.

So, when you are next considering which charity you wish to support, please remember CAIA as your local Armenian charity that is implementing its mission to ensure the welfare and sustainability of Armenians in London during the good as well as the tough times.



The Centre for Armenian Information and Advice seeks to enhance the quality of life for disadvantaged members of the Armenian community primarily in London, specifically those in poverty and isolation. The Centre supports the diverse needs of its community through the provision of welfare, educational and cultural services at a welcoming Centre for all Armenians