Helping the Armenian Community of Ukraine

There is anything between 100,000 to 300,000 Armenians living in Ukraine. Many are caught up in the hardships and sufferings taking place in that country. Many have become refugees, some for a second time following the 1990 Armenian pogroms in Azerbaijan and the 2020 invasion of Artsakh. Many Armenians in Russia have become nervous and insecure too about the situation. We have also heard about some negative sentiments against Russian speakers in the UK, irrespective of their ethnicity. The CAIA is monitoring the above experiences and welcomes any information from those with links to Armenians in Ukraine and Russia. CAIA is ready to help in any way just as we have done previously whenever dispersed Armenians in various troubled parts of the world have been affected due to matters outside their control. CAIA’s quality marked free advisory service is ready and prepared along with others we collaborate with such as the Refugee Council and others.
CAIA can be reach via 992 4621
The following information has been compiled by CAIA for those fleeing Ukraine. However, please note that this information can change rapidly.
The first port of call is UNHCR. It is likely that refugees will travel to neighbouring countries.
Those who are already in Ukraine can access information here:
They also apply directly to the UCHCR for asylum there
Once they have applied for Asylum, they can download Refugee Helper via Telegram
Support for family members of British nationals in Ukraine and the UK
The UK Government has made some adjustments to the immigration rules; however it is been criticised as being slow. This is because of the issue of having to apply from abroad, obtain a biometrics appointment and travel to a Visa Processing Centre. There is also the issue of sponsorship to join family members already in England.
Apply for a Ukraine Family Visa 
Register to Support Homes for Ukraine
Ukraine Advice Project UK
Free Movement
Work Rights Centre
Refugee Council