Empower Disadvantaged Armenians with Legal Advice

Empowering Disadvantaged Armenians

From 6 April 2019 to 5 April 2020, the Centre for Armenian Information and Advice (“CAIA”) helped 476 predominately disadvantaged and vulnerable Armenians of all age groups who were born in 27 different countries, including the UK.

CAIA provides advice and practical support on many areas with the aim of addressing poverty and inequality people experience through social and cultural exclusion and language and digital barriers and helps people in their personal development and becoming more independent. CAIA’s legal advice worker mainly engages on matters relating to housing and homelessness, immigration and nationality including refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, welfare benefits including age related and disability benefits, those on low income and income maximisation, consumer, debt and money advice etc.

An example of a housing and welfare benefits case involved a retired Armenian woman who arrived in England with her husband from a European Union (“EU”) country. After the death of her husband, she began to experience financial difficulties, which not only forced her back to work but led to her homelessness when she was illegally evicted by her landlord from her privately rented accommodation. READ MORE