The Centre for Armenian Information and Advice (CAIA) and the whole of the UK Armenian community condemns in the strongest possible terms the brutal, unprovoked, and unjustified military attacks by Azerbaijan just after midnight on the 13 September 2022 on the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia. The attacks were against both military and civilian infrastructure of South-eastern border towns of Jermuk, Goris, Sotk, Vartenis, Artanish, Ishkhanasar and Kapan resulting in heavy casualties amongst the Armenian Defence forces who heroically defended these towns. The casualties still need to be confirmed but reportedly include 49 Armenian soldiers killed, 25 are missing and 14 appear to have been captured but with the attacks continuing the real and ultimate figures are likely to be significantly higher given the genocidal nature of the attacks.

It is quite clear that Azerbaijan has no intention for peace nor any desire to implement the trilateral agreement at the end of 2020 Artsakh war. With these attacks on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia causing severe casualties, the world has been placed on notice that the policy of genocide of the Armenian people which started in 1915 is a continuing and perpetual policy of Azerbaijan and its supporters.

We call upon the international community, including the United Kingdom and all peace-loving people across the world to condemn in the strongest terms Azerbaijan for the war crimes it has committed and evidently continues to commit against Armenia and to call for immediate cessation of hostilities and withdrawals of all Azerbaijani forces from the Armenian territory. The condemnations must be accompanied by a strong message to Azerbaijan that such actions, which also threaten and endanger regional peace and stability is completely unacceptable and must cease immediately.

Finally, we would extend our heartfelt and sincere condolences to the friends and families of all the fallen Armenian service men and women and civilians and send them all our good wishes. We would do all in our power to assist in whichever way we possibly can.

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