Celebrating women in the playgroup

The SIMRA project (Supporting the Integration of Migrant Women, Refugees and Asylum Seekers) is now in full swing. On 10th June 2019  it was the turn of the women and girls who attend CAIA’s Parents & Toddlers Group  at Hayashen to learn about the project and participate. Following a brief introduction and Q & A delivered by CAIA member Vanita Nicholls and supported by CAIA’s CEO, Misak Ohanian, the women spoke about how much they value the  twice-weekly provision which enables not only their young children to learn and play but the opportunity it provides them to interact with their peers, socialise, share issues, offer mutual support in their challenge to settle in London and forge a new identity as women and new mothers in a new country. The culmination of the project will be for the mothers and their children to participate in a ceremony that honours and celebrates womanhood.

At the first session mothers and toddlers made their mark by making handprints together.  These pieces will be included in the art work that will be used as part of the ceremony.