Brexit and Welfare Benefits

Anyone who has entered the United Kingdom and lives here under a European nationality are increasingly being refused welfare benefits. This is due to new tests being applied to determine whether they are habitually resident and / or have a right to reside. There is a real risk that anyone living here as a European  will at some point be required to prove their right to receive state assistance, there has therefore been an increase in the number of immigration applications.

The current system is set to change, when it will be compulsory to apply for either pre-settled or settled status. An online registration system will become live from 30th March 2019.


English Language

People in the United Kingdom living In the period approaching BREXIT are required to prove their knowledge of English when they wish to acquire British citizenship, unless they are either over 65 years of age, or have a medical condition which prevents them from learning. For more information about these, please contact CAIA via or phone during office hours 020 89992 4621.