The CAIA offer a range of FREE, confidential and independent Health & Care services to Armenians and those connected with them.  We are currently funded to provide assistance to those living in the borough of Ealing and Hounslow and can support you in the following ways: 


We can organise home/hospital visits to assist you with your health & care needs.  We provide this service to those who are too sick or frail to travel or if you have restrictions in that you are caring for someone in your home and are unable to leave.  Please call us to request a visit.


We offer a wide range of workshops associated with Health & Care as well as access to our Elders Club for those looking to reduce isolation and meet new friends who share the same cultural identity.


We offer support to those needing help to access statutory health and care provision from the NHS as well as support with:

  • Liaising with your GP, dentist, optician, district nurse, clinic, chiropodist, hospitals, social workers and any other health/care professional, so that problems are identified early and addressed.
  • Helping you register or change your GP
  • Assisting with interpretations during your GP/hospital or related health appointments
  • Assisting with transport to and from a hospital or other health appointments by helping you to apply for taxi card/Dial a Ride/blue badge registration, etc
  • Assisting with your registration as disabled with social services as well as make referrals to other community groups for support if necessary.
  • Assisting with housing and welfare benefit entitlements through referrals/signposting DWP home visiting scheme.
  • Providing information regarding assistance and services for carers.


  • We provide confidential advocacy support by assessing needs and contacting health professionals about your specific health/care needs.
  • We submit complaints about health and care services on a confidential basis. This includes helping individuals write letters, make telephone calls or speaking on your behalf with your consent.