William Turpanjian

William Turpanjian (also known as William Turpan) was born in 1895 (on 24 March or in November according to various sources) in Alexandria, Egypt in the family of Mr. Turpanjian and Esma Sophia Turpanjian. He had 4 brothers and 2 sisters. The family must have traveled, as one of his older brothers is listed to have been born in Diyarbakir in 1989, and the place of birth for his younger siblings is not clear.

 William lost his father in 1910 and the family moved to the USA at some point, where William was working as a tailor. There is no clear information about their departure to the USA, but in his military draft registration card from 1917-1918 his citizenship status is ‘declared intention’.

He served in Royal Tank Corps, the oldest tank unit in the world from 1914-1920 (Rank: Private, Regimental number: 311569) and was awarded, British Army Medal. After War, he returned back to USA, New Jersey, where he lived with his sister’s family. He lost his mother in 1941. William died in May 1966 in New Jersey, USA. Last residence place was mentioned as 07666 Teaneck, Bergen, New Jersey, USA.