Most of us feel sympathy and concern for the welfare of our community and nation. This is only natural. We all know how much the Armenian people have been persecuted throughout history and yet somehow have survived to live again. The experience of each Armenian family in the UK or abroad is part of this history of struggle.

However, while many have overcome their difficulties there are large numbers of our compatriots who are disadvantaged. These include newly-arrived refugees, the elderly, those out of work, young people who face problems of maintaining their cultural identity, others looking for somewhere to live. Some of these problems may not seem obvious to some members of our community yet these are the people we deal with every day of the week.

In the course of a year, the CAIA typically handles over 4000 incoming telephone calls and receives thousands of visitors for advice and information, our award winning playgroup, social gatherings for senior citizens, new Youth club and other wide ranging public events. We have also produced many translations on health matters, an address and telephone directory of UK Armenians and undertaken several surveys to promote various needs within the Armenian community.

Moreover, the CAIA produces a quarterly newsletter, Armenian Voice, which is distributed free to over 3000 Armenian homes as well as complimentary copies to hundreds of organisations, local authorities, charitable Trusts, British MP’s and Armenian Libraries/institutions abroad. More recently we launched the Armenian Voice on the Internet so that even more people can read and access our services.

We also have plans to further expand Hayashen and further develop our library which is a valuable information resource for all those interested in the Armenian community and Armenian affairs. We carry this out in order to improve the quality of life experienced by our compatriots, irrespective of their income or political affiliations. This is because we are a registered Charity with an equal opportunities policy.

The CAIA is also aware of its responsibility to the quality of its services and is striving to improve the standards of all its services and projects all the time. This is why we need further funds.