Armenian Community and WW1

Extracts from Katie Peltekian’s “The Times of the Armenian Genocide: Reports in the British Press, 1914-1923” book.

Her two-volumes book compiles more than 1000 items from British newspapers published in 1914-1923, relating to ongoing massacres of Armenians and British responses and attitudes to it.

Snapshot of the Community compiled by Gagik Stepan-Sarkissian

Materials compliled by Gagik Stepan-Sarkissian

from Vaweragrer Hay Ekeghetsu Patmut’ean (Documents of Armenian Church History) and Ararat (the official organ of the Catholicate of All Armenians in Holy Ejmiatsin), which present the UK Armenian community’s humanitarian efforts to help the refugees and support displaced Armenians through the Armenian church and by Catholicos George V,  organising the distribution of the money. The document lists donations from different sources, such as Armenian Committee of London, and Armenian Union of London, various Armenian and British individuals, and communities spread around the world.

Snapshots from Ararat: Searchlight on Armenia, which was published in London in 1913-1919 and played a major role in keeping the UK Armenian community updated about tragic events during the Genocide and WW1

Searchlight worked closely with Lord Mayor’s Fund, which was a charitable organisation set up to help the Armenian victims of the massacres in the Ottoman Empire. Lord Mayor’s Fund was set up in 1915, supported by the Armenian community in the UK and some high profile British politicians, such as Charles Johnson, Lord Mayor and President; Bryce, Vice-President; and Aneurin Willimas , Chairman of Committee.

Lord Mayor’s Fund also received some donations with Save the Children fund and was eventually taken over by them in 1927.