George Family

Joan George

Joan George’s detailed research of the UK Armenians is one of the most important sources for the community in this country. She’s an author of 2 books, Merchants in Exile: The Armenians in Manchester, England, 1835-1935 and Merchants to Magnates, Intrigue and Survival: Armenians in London, 1900 – 2000.

Her mother Marie-Nevarte Manoukian, was an Armenian in Manchester and was married to an Englishman, Roger Chorlton. As Manchester was the primary destination for the first wave of Armenian immigrants, there always has been a sizeable and influential community. Armenians run numerous businesses there (predominantly textile) and the first Armenian church in Great Britain was build there in 1871. She has always been interested in her Armenian roots and conducted a very thorough research to document and record the community’s life in Manchester and London.

We used her book extensively for research and especially her chapters on WW1, which details the activities of the Armenian committees, relief efforts, prominent families, soldiers, public figures and businesses.