Charles Fielding Krikorian

St Stephen Etienne Armenian Church in Smyrna (Postcard from 1907)

Charles Fielding Krikorian was born in the family of Krikor Garated (possibly a misspelt version of Garabed) Krikorian and Jessie Ellen Caroline Bulkeley 27 Nov 1881 in Kensington, Middlesex and was their only child. His father was born in 1856 in Ottoman Empire and was became a naturalised British citizen later on after his move to the United Kingdom. Krikor lived in London and then Brighton, where he was running Hotel Victoria.

His only son Charles Fielding was born in 1881, while the family still lived in Kensington. He then attended school in Brighton, while living in his parents’ hotel in Brighton and became an apprentice sailor in 1901. Charles married Emily Elizabeth Sawyer in 1911 in St George church in Hanover Square in London and his family is registered also living in London, Marylebone. After a year, in 1912, they had their son Warren Alfred.

Charles joined the army in as a Temporary Lieutenant in Royal Naval Army 13 Jan 1915 and died on 22 May 1916, in Divisional Hospital Blandford from Heart Disease. His wife died in 1974, in Hastings, Sussex, England.