CAIA seeks to enhance the quality of life for disadvantaged members of the Armenian community in London, specifically those living in isolation, poverty or distress. We support their needs by providing welfare, education and cultural services at a friendly and welcoming centre for all Armenians. Our base, Hayashen, provides a focus for the community, enabling Armenians in London to maintain contact and celebrate their culture.


  • To support the welfare needs of the disadvantaged members of the Armenian community through counselling, translation and information services, which help integration into society.
  • To meet the needs of refugees from reception to help with immigration, housing, health, and welfare rights.
  • To satisfy the special needs of the unemployed, senior citizens, youth and children with practical training, housing, advice, social, educational and cultural activities.
  • To be responsible partner with local councils, voluntary services and health and Government agencies in the provision of advice, information & support.
  • To be an efficient organisation with effective accountability to our members, funders and users of our services for customer care, financial management and quality control.
  • To develop and maintain a competent and well-motivated staff team and team of volunteers.
  • To maintain the facilities to support the organisation’s services.
  • To maintain links between Armenia, the Armenian diaspora and the London community and to organise such aid as is practicable to Armenia.
  • To promote understanding of the Armenian heritage and to increase the networking among the Armenian community.
  • To promote understanding of Armenian history and culture among the wider public.

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