The CAIA has a subscription-paying membership of over 350 members, which elects Directors/trustees to administer its affairs in accordance to charity and company law. The CAIA employs several members of staff and relies on many volunteers who all contribute towards the CAIA’s various services.

Directors and trustees

New directors are elected by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Below is the present list of trustees and staff:

  • Mr R Anooshian – Chairman
  • Ms D John – Treasurer
  • Mrs K Alexanian – Company Secretary
  • Mr Vahe Paklayan
  • Ms R Chorbjian


  • Mr Misak Ohanian – Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr Arthur Manouk Cahill – Advice & Information Officer
  • Mrs Scarlet Sarksan – Health & Care Support Worker
  • Ms Tatevik Ayvazyan – HLF Project Coordinator

Managing ourselves

The CAIA Board of Directors/Trustees is the senior decision-making body of the organisation and guides our work, reviews our internal policies and procedures, and decides on the adoption of new ones, in consultation with staff and external agencies such as AdviceUK.

Following is a brief summary of the achievements of the Board of Directors/Trustees during 2013 /2014:

  • Held 11 Board meetings and many more between the CEO, Chair, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer and Secretary in between meetings for banking, meeting funders, book-keeper and general administration of the charity.
  • Continuing the review CAIA governing document in order to bring up to date with current charity and company law. Advising the Board in this matter has been Kirkland & Ellis International LLP.
  • Offered training opportunities to individual Board members, staff and volunteers to enable them to become more knowledgeable, motivated and skilled in the operations and management of the CAIA for the long-term sustainability of the organisation. Training courses/workshops undertaken by individual and collective Board members, staff and volunteers included Safeguarding Children, Changes in Benefit entitlements, immigration law, First Aid, etc.
  • Regularly reviewed CAIA’s internal policies and procedures, including financial record keeping systems and adopted new ones in accordance with good practise and its legal obligations. Copy of CAIA’s 160 page Organisational Manual/Handbook, which incorporates all CAIA’s policies and procedures is used in the induction of new Trustees/directors and staff/volunteers.
  • Operated CAIA’s Membership form in order to encourage more members to pay via direct debit. Provided the means for anyone to donate on line via website, Facebook and text to CAIA charity. Between January to November 2013, 55 new members joined CAIA.
  • Successfully implemented the recruitment of new staff during the year such as new Advice Worker and undertook annual staff appraisals.
  • Held a successful AGM in November 2013 during which the Board provided progress reports on the activities and finances of the CAIA to appreciative members who elected new Director/trustee in accordance to CAIA’s governing document.
  • Successfully fundraised to sustain its 2013/14 level of services into 2014/15 despite the current difficult economic situation, funding and local authority cut backs.
  • Continued to deal with the outstanding issue of the transfer of the Hayashen property deed to the incorporated CAIA Charity Company by working closely with Faegre & Benson LLP and the Charity Commission.
  • Continued to make improvements and maintain overall quality standard of the property including replacing ground floor boiler and flat roof/gutter work.